St Anne’s – Spring Housing Association

Tuesday, 23 April 2024

We are thrilled to announce that as of April 1st, 2024, Spring Housing Association has entered a group structure with St. Anne’s Hostel. This significant development comes after months of collaboration to bring about this important change.

Spring and St. Anne’s Hostel have been working to prevent homelessness for a combined 49 years, with our values and objectives being very closely aligned. Last year, an exceptional opportunity arose for Spring Housing Association to form a strategic partnership with St. Anne’s Hostel – a registered provider with the housing regulator and a registered charity.

We’re pleased this new structure will allow us to collectively:

  • Increase the choices and opportunities available for our residents/customers.
  • Provide longer-term, sustainable accommodation amidst challenges posed by the cost of living
  • Ensure the future fitness of both St. Anne’s and Spring Housing Association and enabling reinvestment into customers, our teams, properties and services for increased impact.
  • Develop new homes for those in the most need

Spring Housing Association will continue delivering its services under the umbrella of St. Anne’s the “parent” organisation. Spring and St. Anne’s will remain distinct legal entities, operating within a group structure.

Steve Morgan – Chair of St. Anne’s Board said: “We are pleased to announce the strategic partnership between Spring Housing Association and St. Anne’s Hostel, effective from 1st April 2024. This relationship marks a significant milestone in our shared mission to prevent homelessness and to provide essential support to those in need within our local communities.
This is an important step forward for St. Anne’s, which not only supports the financial stability of our charity, but also ensures the positive work of St. Anne’s spanning over 40 years, continues to benefit our existing and future customers”.

Louise Cannon – Co-Chairs of Spring Housing Association Board said: “Collaboration is a powerful tool for change and we are proud to be aligning with such a well-respected organisation to continue to make a positive impact on individuals’ lives.
We’ve already achieved some remarkable milestones as a housing association over our ten years so far and through this new structure we envision a future where our combined strengths will enable us to facilitate sustainable, longer-term accommodation for our valued customers. We’re really looking forward to the opportunities ahead.” …
“A special thanks to Gemma Bell, partner at Devonshires, St. Anne’s and Spring Board members to put the steps in place to make this ambition a reality.”